What is ASO and Why is it important in applications?

Everyone must have heard of SEO, whereas it is really getting critical to know about ASO. ASO stands for Appstore Optimisation I.e. optimisation for mobile applications. What ASO does is help you to improve the visibility and presence of a mobile application in an app store such as App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, Windows Store for Windows Phone.

ASO requires rigorous keyword strategies, however most of the other principles of SEO do not apply here. The iOS store will not use backlinks or social sharing etc. to rank your application’s page whereas Google Play does take backlinks into account, but that’s about the extent of the similarities.

Many experts argue that the future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless networking. Mobile devices are becoming a key factor in today’s business. The technology is expanding its tentacles with the wireless network dominating each aspect of life due to which the scope to explore the full potential of mobile technology is increasing day by day.

Everyday 100’s of applications are being published, downloaded and being trashed too. So, how do we define a great application? A great application is the one that serves a problem solving purpose. Be it PhonePe, Paytm, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others; if you look into these minutely, you will figure out that all these apps are serving some real time needs.

Mobile apps are taking in the huge market share, where you can also see many applications are just dead and lying in the stores with no importance, no visibility and no value. So make sure, your app is serving the right purpose, solving some real world issues and is optimised for its presence and visibility.

Here are few key Elements to Focus on in order to Improve Your ASO

Naming your application is Paramount

This might not seems to be of greater impact but yes seeding in your brandname plays in very crucial role. So put in the name including a keyword as keyword included have a better and higher ranking.

Don’t for get the App Description

Do proper research and make sure to add sensible description. Don’t just try to flood in with keywords but make sure to insert keywords beautifully so that the user doesn’t get irritated.

First Visual impression- Logo

First impression is the last impression. So, make sure you leave a good, strong impression that not only defines the quality of your app but the right purpose.

Categorise your application

Category basically defines in the genre of your app. It might qualify to lie in multiple categories but make sure you do some deep diving and figure out the most looked up one’s. Although the trends keep on changing but still, you ought to remain updated as the one’s who don’t gets extinct.

Screenshots of your app

Your screenshot must either create curiosity in the users, make them think or leave them spell bound. It is the door to step in your user’s heart and communicate the purpose of your app. Try to describe the journey with ease and interest.

App Reviews Still a Crucial Indicator

Try to gain and gather positive review as it impacts the downloads. Moreover it provides you an opportunity to be praised by others which leaves an everlasting positive impression and also improves the of trustworthy characteristic of your application.

Last but not the least: Localization

It comprises of a software development practice in which developers participate in a habit to regularly merge their code changes into a central repository. This helps to find and address bugs quicker, drastically improves the quality of the software and also decreases the time taken to validate and release new software updates.

Continuous Delivery

It comprises of a software development practice in which code changes are subjected to an automated built, tested and prepared for a production release. It is built upon continuous integration as the code changes are deployed to a testing/production environment right after the build stage.


It is a design approach in which a single application is built as a set of small services. What’s fascinating is that each service runs in its own process which in turn communicates with other services through a lightweight mechanism which is well defined in its own entirety. For example: an HTTP-based application programming interface (API).

Communication and Collaboration

One of the most key aspects of DevOps is promoting increased communication and collaboration between members of a team. The DevOps culture uses automation of the software delivery process which promotes collaboration in the team by bringing together the responsibilities

  • Prepare and Manage translations
  • Initial keyword research by region
  • Keyword tracking process over time
  • Create and Update store listings
  • Dont let your app unfound and lost in the ocean, show it off to the world.. Happy ASO! 😛

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