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Posted on 03 dec, 2019

IPL is a curse or a Blessing?

Indian Premier League (IPL) is T20 championships conducted by BCCI every year in the month of April to June. There will be an auction of each and every player across the globe who wanted to be a part of this championship trophy. Many players of different countries have denied playing in this tournament for some xyz reasons which is not important to take care of.

As per my view, I see this tournament as pure blessings for many and many young players who are working very hard to be in the top 11 of the Indian cricket team.

Earlier there was a very tough competition to be in the top 11 playing list and apart from this the most vital problem of many talented players is grab an opportunity to showcase their talent and expertise. But here IPL came into the picture and gave a platform to many youngsters who are struggling to get a chance to showcase their talent in a world-class tournament with an opportunity to play against the top players around the globe.

There are a number of examples where a hidden talent is exposed through this tournament and they are performing really well in the best 11 with the existing team. Jaspreet Bumrah who is on the IPL product for India and currently having the rank #1 in ODI cricket bowlers.

Although Cricket is not the national game of our country still it has a separate and huge fan base in India who are almost mad at cricket. This fan base is not new as it is followed by Gavaskar and Sachin to Dhoni and Virat which is leading star of this cricket world and they are not limited to Indian fans they have following from the entire world. Sachin Tendulkar is the GOD of cricket is from India.

Technology Boom:

As cricket has become the most liked game for many cricket lovers, here technology came into the picture and change the experience of watching as well as awareness of cricket lovers through the technology. There are 100s of apps and website which enables the users to be updated about the recent or future tournaments as well as it also enables the users to watch live match remotely when they are not at their home or in front of their TV sets.

Some examples are Cricbuzz, Live line, and cricket scores, Cricheroes and much more. These apps enable the user to check the live score, score-card, match results, commentary for each ball, news about past and upcoming matches and so on. Recently Cricbuzz updated a new feature in their app to which allows us to watch the live match on the app. There are many betting apps also available like (Dream11) on which people bet and win a lot of money and prizes just for their predictions.

The technology is very simple to have a cricket scoring app rather than having a live streaming app which enables the user to see the live match. Here we have expertise in creating such type of apps for our clients who are willing to place their feet in the middle of these fans and willing to keep them updated about the recent matches or any events happening around the world.

Our Work:

We have made a tournament app for one of our clients in which the admin will be able to add tournaments will be held locally and can send invitations to the players also able to send them to push notifications and emails regarding the updates and other queries. The admin has to update the score manually on the app which is visible to other users in real time.

Technology Stack:
Platform: Android and iOS
Language: Native Java for Android and Swift for iOS
Back-end: PHP (Laravel)
Time-frame: 35 days
Budget: $15,000

The Final Thoughts:

IPL and T20 are the new faces of modern cricket and people are liking it too because it is very interesting in each ball and has a separate fan base with 1000s of new opportunity for young players. Please promote IPL as well as other sports too as it all brings proud for our country.


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