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Posted on 03 dec, 2019

How Difficult it is to Learn React JS?

“Technology is the real power, it only depends upon how you harness it”

I have come across multiple statements such as “It’s just a library, not a framework” written by fellow experts. Let me explain to you in a nutshell. No, it's not difficult at all!

We have completed over 15 projects in React with the leading marketing companies around the globe and at present, we train five young professionals in React and a number of other relevant technologies. So I believe, I make a point when I say React is actually challenging.

First of all, you will at no time use React alone to build a project in your life (this technology requires combinations). When working on a live application, the in-depth knowledge of the following tools will establish successful development in React.


Redux (or any other equivalent library i.e Fluxxor) for logging actions state management. React alone cannot (and should not) be used to manage the state of your application if you are developing a scalable real-time or live Web/App.


Fetch/Superagent/Axios/Request/My Take (library for performing API calls). No matter what backend technology stack you are willing to use or comfortable with, you have to master how to manipulate data from backend to frontend and vice-versa.


Webpack like Gulp/Grunt (to bundle your code and automate the necessary task during development of a React app).

You might end up wasting your valuable time if you don’t acknowledge the importance of above-stated tools while learning React. Stack up everything mentioned above with React and you are very likely to have a will have a fully developed framework.

Some big platforms that use React

Facebook is the owner of React Js. Jordan Walke a senior software developer in Facebook has invented this library in early 2011.

Other industry giants that use this technology are mentioned below:

- Airbnb
- Netflix
- Cloudflare
- Dropbox

React Js basically works upon creating some eye-catching and modern UI design for various websites. It is mostly used to build real-time web applications like video streaming and applications that assist a larger portion of users at a given time.

Talking about the cost, the fully-fledged React Js website will cost you around $1500-$2000 with all the functionalities and testing. Getting the fastest-growing framework to draft the front-end of any web application at this price is a reasonable choice.
P.S: Angular Js which is a product of Google.

The Final Thought

Application development in React is a twist but not difficult. You need to clock your head around the React +Redux’s flow and document relevant details and management fundamentals to ace the toughest of technology coming through. Once you get over the confusion and asset your own decoration of development in React, that's when you know, you ace it!


About the Author
Saurabh Yadav
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